I have been smoking since I was seventeen. Now that I’m 30, I’m desperately trying to stop. It is 13 long years of smoking I’m trying to take away. And it isn’t an easy job. You know that as well as I do.

But instead of whining about how hard it is, I searched high and low for the reason why a person can’t just stop smoking. I found two important reasons. First, you can’t take nicotine out of your brain. And second, you’re not using the right treatment.

Smoking affects your whole body because it controls the brain. So if you want to get rid of nicotine, you’ve go to start right up there – on your head. And that means both physically and mentally. Condition your mind that you really wanted to quit smoking, like I did and the mental part is solved.

As for the physical part, let Smoke Deter do it. Smoke Deter works directly inside your brain through the blood vessels under your mouth. That’s their entry point. And it works quite fast too. I have been using Smoke Deter for 13 weeks now. And I know I’m totally clean. 13 years for 13 weeks. That’s the best Smoke Deter testimonial you can get these days.