The question that eats the mind of a smoker who failed several times to quit smoking is – ‘Why it is hard to quit smoking?’ Well the fact is that it is hard but not impossible. So don’t be disheartened. You can give up the butt habit and stop smoking completely. Here are few reasons why keeping away the butt is so difficult.

The foremost reason is addition to nicotine which is the main product of tobacco that slowly develops in your body a craving. Nicotine has addictive power because it enters into the blood stream to directly have impact on the receptor area of your brain. Dopamine is released on the brain which makes you feel like euphoric. That’s why you feel so relaxed while you smoke. Smokers find it difficult to resist this euphoric temptation when they try quit smoking.

Sometimes it is a habit. The cigarette between the fingers becomes a habit and smokers seem enjoying them a lot. There may be certain things that trigger the need for a cigarette and the smoker fails to quit. There is also a psychological attachment to this habit.

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