Smoking has always been my way to release body stress. I know it’s bad for the health but I not a chain smoker or anything. I never thought a stick of cigarette would do anything major to my lungs.

I’m normally an active person. Whenever I’m free, I travel a lot. I trek and do mountain climbing every once in a while. The last time I’m with my group, we trekked a not so popular mountain peak. One day, I realized I can keep up with the rest of them. I don’t smoke a lot but I do smoke often. Now, I felt its effect on me.

So what I did is I looked for something to help me quit smoking. I came across Smoke Deter, along with other stop smoking solutions. I specifically chose to try Smoke Deter because I have more confidence in it, basing from all the things I heard and read.

And boy, I’m so glad I did. In the following month, I joined the group again. This time, my breath stayed. I didn’t gasp a bit or stopped to rest once. Further more, my smoking habit has been eliminated. I vow never to smoke again.

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