Lucy, aged 26, decided to stop smoking after having smoked most of her life from the young age of twelve. There was no question in her mind that what she was doing was harming her body, so she realized it was a fine time to stop, especially since most public places no longer allowed smoking.

Lucy tried a number of methods that did not help her quit, but when she tried nicotine patches they provided a solution she could work with. For Lucy, the hardest part about quitting was the terrible arguments she would have with loved ones trying to help. She thought that she could quit with their support, but soon realized that it wasn’t fair to put that kind of pressure on them. This is when her friend recommended a Smoke Deter.

The spray was a great solution for Lucy who often found she didn’t have time to worry about it. The fact that it worked for hours meant she could forget about it, and it helped to relieve her irritability and terrible headaches. Soon, Lucy moved to the point where she didn’t need any nicotine at all, and has been smoke free for almost two years.

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