The first time that Harry, aged 70, tried to quit smoking was following a stern warning from his doctor that he must quit or face further health implications after suffering a stroke a few years ago. Harry thought he might be able to quit on his own, but he shortly started smoking again and continued for another few months, with a few more failed attempts at quitting.

After lectures from his doctor and some advice, Harry finally decided that he was going to quit properly. He decided to enlist the help of a Smoke Deter to help in his fight against smoking. This time around, Harry claims that it was much easier than it had ever felt before, despite the doubts he held before trying to quit yet again.

Smoke Deter can be a great help when quitting smoking, as it helps to relieve the symptoms many smokers receive due to nicotine withdrawal. These can include strong cravings, irritability and headaches. Thankfully, this time around the spray has helped Harry quit smoking for over a year, proving that it is possible to quit at any age.

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